We are Residents Supporting Sustainable Development (RSSD).

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A non-profit group open to everyone who is concerned with the intricate balance between:

  • All Population groups and interests – Our cooperation will enable us to navigate diversity successfully.
“Social cohesion is also a means that enables citizens to live in societies where they enjoy a sense of belonging and trust. The inference is that the absence of social cohesion may result in instability.” (1)
  • The Environment in which we thrive – Everyone is talking about climate change, but it’s what we can do aboout it that is important.
“Some national parks have long waiting lists for camping reservations. When you have to wait a year to sleep next to a tree, something is wrong.”  George Carlin
  • The Economy that enables our activities – We are only ever as wealthy as the poorest amongst us.
“The risk of civil war is much higher in poor than in rich countries. A country with a GDP per capita of $250 has a 15 percent chance of descending into conflict at some point in the coming five years while, in a country with a GDP of $1250 per person, the chances are less than 4%.” (2)

 The lay-out, design and management of the cities we live in has great impact on our everyday lives and how we live them.


 Our desire is to entertain elegant, but practical solutions to solve our problems on a micro and macro scale.


Your ideas and your good self are very welcome!


Our engagement is based on decorum and co-operation.

Member of Endangered Wildlife Trust and WESSA:


(1) OECD (2012) Perspectives on Global Development 2012: Social Cohesion in a Shifting World. OECD Publishing, p. 58.

(2) Humphreys, M. (2002) Economics and Violent Conflict. Harvard CPI Portal on Economics and Conflict, Framework Paper, p. 2.

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